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Are you a qualified marriage celebrant?

Yes, I am a fully registered marriage celebrant and also a funeral celebrant. I am also a formally trained actor. This enables me to conduct your ceremony with style and grace

Are you a full time celebrant?

Yes, I am a full time professional celebrant. This is all I do, ensuring you have the best possible wedding. It is my aim to ensure that we all have fun in the planning and building of your wedding ceremony. I am available to see you in the daytime, evenings and weekends and I base our meetings around your available time frame

Where are you based?

I am based in Melbourne, but happy to travel as required, locally, interstate and internationally

Do you marry same sex couples?

I most certainly do and I'm thrilled to do so. Please see the Ceremonies and Packages pages for details 

Will you create what we're looking for?

That is the whole aim of my services. I want to create a ceremony that is uniquely you, as it should be

When should I book a celebrant?

The earlier the better, especially for the busy wedding season, which is from October to April

Where can we meet?

My Bespoke Elegance Package includes all meetings, either at your home, my home or a mutually agreed location. If the meeting location is outside the Melbourne metropolitan area, then this may incur extra charges 

Do you allow meetings after the initial meeting or just emails and phone calls? 

There is no limit to the number of times we can meet. Face to face meetings help us all get to know each and become relaxed and confident with each other

Do you offer a rehearsal?

I always offer a rehearsal at the venue. A rehearsal is important as it takes the stress away. Please allow 45-60 minutes for a full, relaxed rehearsal. It helps you and your bridal party enjoy themselves on the wedding day, without worrying about where to stand and what to do. If the venue is outside the Melbourne metropolitan area, then this may incur extra charges

Do you supply a PA system?

Yes, wireless mics are included and no power is required so parks, gardens and beach weddings are possible. Your music of choice can be played through my equipment

Do you use ceremony templates or do you design ceremonies individually?

I always build ceremonies individually for each couple. At the introductory meeting I can take you through the many options available to aid in the development of your own ceremony. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than writing the romance of your love story

How long should the ceremony go for?

Ceremonies are generally 25-30 minutes, but there will always be exceptions, depending on your wishes. In total, from my early arrival to pack up, I will be at the venue for around 2 hours. You need to bear in mind if it is an outdoor location, as the time of year, for summer heat or winter rains, will have a major bearing on your planning

Can a religious component be included in the ceremony, even if the ceremony is not held in a church?

Of course, this is one of the beauties of a civil ceremony, you can tailor it to your needs and you can have as much or as little religious content as you wish

Permits for conducting a wedding in a park

There are many parks and beaches where you do not need a permit to hold a small wedding. If you are having a more lavish ceremony with seating and a red carpet for example, then generally you will require a permit.  Please contact me to discuss the requirements

What legal documentation do we need?

As your celebrant, I am here to guide through the legal requirements of getting married 

  • First and foremost, we will need to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage or NOIM. This needs to be completed at least one month and no longer than 18 months prior to your wedding date. You can download the form here. If your marriage is to be held within this time frame, please contact me urgently as we must make application to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages to seek permission to conduct the wedding.

  • If you were born in Australia, I will also need to see your passport or official birth certificate. Unfortunately, certified copies are not permissible. If born overseas, I will need to see your official birth certificate or passport. If your birth certificate is not in English, it will need to be translated by an accredited translator, which can be done here

  • If you have been married previously, I will need to see divorce papers from your most recent marriage or the death certificate of your spouse

  • If your partner is based overseas and you require the 'Letter for Immigration' and a visa, please visit here and here and do not hesitate to ask for my assistance

If you are unsure of how to obtain documentation, I can advise you how to approach this, but we must allow sufficient time prior to your wedding day


You each require a witness to the ceremony to sign the legal paperwork. They need to understand English and be over the age of 18. I can supply witnesses if you are having a small wedding. This will incur additional charges

How do we book your services?

Please call or email to check availability for your desired date. I will then provide you with a quote based on what you envision for your day

If after our initial contact you wish to book me as your celebrant, a $250 non-refundable fee is payable within two weeks. This covers the cost of legal preparations. The second payment is due after the first draft of the ceremony is written OR three months before the wedding, with the balance paid in full one month prior to your wedding. Please contact me for prices of other services such as naming ceremonies and renewal of vows

What about funerals?

Please visit my funeral celebrant site here for full details